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Let us create coasters for you to proudly utilize throughout your home! Simply include in the notes your last name and we will include your name and last initial on each custom made coaster. We currently offer 2 colors in our dropdowns but the colors are endless if you reach out to us. Each coaster is about 4” wide and come in packs of 4.


As with all of our listings, feel free to reach out to us if you don't see the exact feature that you would like, and we will work with you to get your project completed. It is difficult to encompass everything we do into a few little dropdowns so we love to hear from customers on how we can get your metalwork perfect for you! In addition, we also offer a lot of other features that aren't in our generic listings such as LED backer lights, standoffs and a variety of mounting options, a variety of wood options including charred or stained backers and so much more.


Lead time will vary depending on shop availability and the time it takes to get approval on the rendering, though we will always keep you up to date. 


Thank you for shopping with Irlbeck Welding and we look forward to making you the perfect addition to your home or business! Our online store is only a supplement to our business, and we do a large volume of our work in offline orders so don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

Custom Coasters

Excluding Sales Tax
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